Alexander Radunsky, IESNA, principal of Lightfield, Inc., received his Master of Architecture degree from the Moscow Institute of Architecture. In the United States he joined the New York studio of Ricardo Bofill, Taller De Arquitectura, where he participated in a variety of large scale projects in the USA, France and Japan. His interest in architectural lighting brought him in 1983 to Brandston Partnership. There he worked on over a hundred lighting design projects of various types, scale and complexity. Alexander Radunsky has been practicing lighting design independently since 1987.

Team members:

Maria Stefanidis, Rebecca Hawranick, Alan Bilsky, Jeff Rarig

Former team members:

Andrew Hartmann, James O’Meara, Fiona Wong, Eunsuk Bae, Lilia Sodre, Rene Moreno, Edwin Allende, Vladimir Tripolsky, Magdalens Wojcik, Alex Natskovich, Philip Bell, Pavlo Poddoobny, Dominko Blazevic, Anna Sluchak, Lueng Ta, John Lawrence, Alex Bashkatov, Dar Vidhu, Carlton Mak, Irina Vlasov